What Do We Use Meta For

What is meta used for and what is meta support used for? I was confused between the two.

Meta is mostly used for new features that may have implemented and users can use it. Examples of Meta can be new badges, new updates, etc. However, Meta Support is used for general questions on specs, information and problems regarding the forum interface and features. Meta Support includes those problems that are solved like what is this…,what is that…etc.

I hope this is what you were looking for!

NOTE: Meta is also used as secondary announcement category for information or updates in the forum Management or forum features.

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Talking about the forum

Not really, a general question would best belong in the parent category, #meta, as no support is required if there isn’t an issue. Support should be for help with the forum, issues with the workings of the forum, and bug reporting.

Yes but I was told to change it to support so I’m really confused now

I would suggest changing it back to #meta for now

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