What are the major things that happened?

I havent been ‘busy’ by busy i mean forgot this exists at WFC for a long time
and i noticde one thing there has been rewinds> That i dont remember existed.
SO, instead of going through each of the rewinds
Can you guys help out a lazy guy by telling me all the most Important events in WFC so i can go and chek it out

Welcome back!

Z-Tube is now admin
PlanesAndGames and Nightt are mod
Z-Tube and CaptainZac went on a 3 month camp
A topic has been closed twice


Interest intesifies

Friendship intesfies

promotion intensifies

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Well apparently we have been going to camp together before, But we met each other through aviation… literally we had no idea we were at the same camp until we brought up the summer.

WowSuprise Friendship intesifies

And apparently 2 summers ago we had played a round of golf together… Again not knowing each other liked aviation

Intesifed suprise Friendhsip intensifies

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never exected u to reply so quickly

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The intensification is at an all-time high


It’s off the charts

I beg your pardon?

And partially moved to discord


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And today there was a tsunami of nostalgia




ah… beth… who?

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confusion intesifies