WFC TL4 - A New Way of Forum Moderation

WFC TL4 - A New Form of Forum Moderation

Hello WFC, today we come in with an exciting announcement. We will be inaugurating a new chapter of the WFC Forum Moderation team. While we are not bringing on any “official” moderators, we will have 2 new users with TL4 powers.

This will not be a replacement for TL3, however it will give some users the opportunity to spread their wings and show us what moderation skills they’re capable of before getting access to the administration panel.

They will have options such as close, open, pin, and more, but they will be monitored and once we think they are capable of being a moderator, they will advance to that position.

We want to make sure hat this forum is a safe and inviting place, so even if you are not a regular, no need to worry as there will also be 2 promotions to regular during this announcement as well. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to @moderators