WFC Screenshot Competition

It time for the WFC screen shot competition!
In this 10 users will battle for the best Screenshots in the WFC


The style of this will be 10 players, the first 6 players to sign up are automatically in, the last four to sign up will compete in a wild card to see who will make it.


  • a battle between the the competitors Screenshots for the round will be placed against the other competitor

  • a poll that will be open for 24 hours will go on, the majority winner moves onto the next round

  • This is single elimination

  • Can not be used on any other WFC, IFC, or GAC #screenshots-and-videos topics

  • Have fun and be nice!

  • If any rules are broken you will be disqualified from the competition

Are you ready?

Seed Competitor
1 @Canadian_Aviator
2 @KSS
3 @anon38930851
4 @Aviation2929
5 @Ethan
6 @CaptainZac
WC1 (7) @Mateo_Botha
WC2 (8) @Stellar_G
WC3 (9) @Z-Tube
WC4 (10) @Zhopkins

Good luck!


Topic Approved By @CaptainZac


Interesting… I wont make it long, but you can sign me up!

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Go ahead and sign me up!

@Canadian_Aviator you are signed up as the #1 slot

@KSS you are signed up in #2


I’ll sign up!

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@anon38930851 you are signed up in number 3, so you will most likely be facing me

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Sign me up! :slight_smile:

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I just flew from DAL-BUR today and had a great approach
Glad I didn’t post a topic on that :joy:

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You are signed up

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I’ll hop in :slight_smile:

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@CaptainZac ok so you went

Now we are in the wild card all members will have a battle to get in

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Hmm… I’ll be dead very shortly but go ahead and sign me up anyway! I love #screenshots-videos


You are signed up as a wild card

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Let’s get 3 more signups so I can try to not fail lol

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It will go by round and the wild card will be first, i hope to post the wild card either at 2020-12-03T03:00:00Z or 2020-12-03T17:45:00Z some wildcard, get yours ready and I will allow those to be submitted
@Mateo_Botha @Ethan get em in



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On the PM, that actually meant to go on the PM

Can I sign up?

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@Ethan you are signed up

Sign me up!

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