WFC NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge 2021

Hey WFC,

We are going to start a new friendly competition today. At the WFC, we are always looking for ways to engage everyone more with aviation as well as other things. The March madness bracket challenge is something that everyone enjoys every year. If you are not familiar with NCAA Men’s March Madness then I recommend reading this. For everyone who does know what it is, let’s cut right to the chase.

Using the link below, you could join our league for the March madness bracket challenge. Tomorrow is selection Sunday, so picks for your bracket can be made tomorrow. Once the picks are made, you can track and root for your teams as the month long tournament takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. The winner will be shipped a free WFC sticker. A new category has been created in order to talk about the challenge, the category is #march-madness. Good luck!



What’s march madness?

Omg :joy:. What’s you ELA grade?

i press auto-fill since i don’t know anything about this

Just joined! #gojackets

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I think it’s the one with the basketball

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I really need to know what this is

I literally provided a link with information on what it is.

Still no idea

What’s the password to enter the bracket?

Password is WFC


Hehe, I’m ready for my bracket to win :smirk:

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I cant wait for my bracket to get busted!!

I did not know you were a Columbus Blue Jackets fan,

Anyways ill fill it out!

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You know, I’m looking at it

I think Grand Canyon University will pull of a huge upset

@Aviation2929 I am a Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fan

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I cant believe we had to forfeit against u guys in the ACC tournament

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OHIO STATE RUINED MY BRACKET :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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Same. I had them going to the final four.