WFC Minecraft Server Development Thread

Hey, so if you were online on 11/04/2021, at about 20:00 MDT, then you may have seen me post a picture of the start of a build in Minecraft saying “I’m going to turn this into a server for the WFC”. Well, it’s true, I am, in fact, creating a server for all of us here on the WFC. I have no firm timeline of when it will be open yet, but I’m hoping for some time in spring 2022.

Possible Questions:

Can I Help With the Build?

At the moment, I will be working on my own, however, as I get closer to being ready to launch, I will post something here asking if anyone wants to help.

What Platform Will the Server Be In?

As I am building it in PC (and that’s what I play on), the server will be on Minecraft Java. I may try to convert a copy to Bedrock later.

What Type of Server Will It Be?

This is just going to be a simple survival/civilization type server. There’s not going to be any background commands, resource packs, mods, or fancy mini-games. This is just a “normal” world, but available to all of you.

I will post the first progress update either tonight or tomorrow.

This thread is approved by @CaptainZac. In fact, he’s the one that recommended the thread.


I haven’t played survival Minecraft since the days of my kindle fire in early 2014, lmao I might just join because I haven’t played in such a long time and it’s probably very different cause I’ve never been to the nether. I will probably join if I can figure out how to download java

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Alright first progress update as of 2021-11-06T20:55:00Z

This is the docks/shop area that you may have seen in the Random Chat.

I’ve got some general footprint layouts for some buildings.

Some medium gardens with potatoes, carrots, wheat, beetroot, melons and pumpkins.

And finally some bridges (yes, the support legs go all the way down to the bottom of the sea).

Is there gonna be an airport lmao

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No. That would take me like 2yrs to build, and it wouldn’t really fit the theme of the build.

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Don’t put any carti in it


which version (ex. 1.16) is it?

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Currently being built in 1.17. When 1.18 comes out, it will be updated to that.


I will when I gain access

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I’m going to have a good skin as well


So, I finally got back to working on this, and I’ve got a few more buildings up. Two multi-person living structures, a farm house and crop storage, a mining camp and storage with two docks, and an ore smelting facility. I’ve also added a stone path to every building in the main village/town area.


If I opened this up for you guys to help with building, who would be interested in doing so?

  • Sure
  • No, but I’ll join when it’s done
  • No

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I don’t have Java and won’t be getting it ever


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