WFC Members spotted on Live/Multiplayer (Any Flight Sim)


The WFC is now operating like a huge PM, but no doubt in the future there’s a good chance you’ll spot someone flying with or near you. That’s where WFC Members spotted on Live/Multiplayer comes in!

Some Tips, Tricks, and Rules from:

  • “Firstly, Spotting others is a great way to interact with the community and make some new friends. Tag the player you see in Flight on the online server. To tag a player, simply type the “@“ symbol next to their WFC username. If you cannot find a pilots username, just list their display name and hopefully they will recognise themselves somewhere in this thread. @Stellar_G is an example.

  • Be respectful and do not use this as a forum to publicly humiliate other pilots.

  • Lastly, please keep multiple sightings to a single post. @Captain_JR’s essays on the IFC are great examples of what to do for lots of sightings.

Have a good time flying!

Poll: Have you seen me in Live/Multiplayer?


I like the idea

I spotted @Stellar_G in Aspen 4 days ago

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I saw you and @ShaneAviation!

A week or two ago in Phoenix I saw @MJP_27 and @Tyler (and even Declan) when I was doing VFR, some fun times!

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You sure that was me? I can’t remember the last time I flew in Phoenix.

Yea outbound from Phoenix-Mesa during the event

Didn’t go. Had to miss it for a soccer game. :thinking:

Ohh… well I deleted the replay, Idk maybe it was one of those pre 20.2 impersonators.

@anon94363592 I saw you flying around in a Cessna while I was Desending into KLGA

Thanks for the spot! Hope you enjoyed your flight!

I enjoyed the approach until IF crashed

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@Canadian_Aviator hello over Scotland on IF

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Oh hey! Thanks for the spot! What route were you doing? I didn’t catch you.

Just a quick one EIDW - Aberdeen. You were just leaving the Scottish coastline

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Saw @GBKarp earlier over Ireland

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I didn’t see u there :thinking:

Thanks for the spot tho!

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@anon94363592 hello over Florida

Hello! Are you partaking in the IFAE event?

Yeah with QVG coming over KSRQ @Z-Tube

IFC vibes anyone??


Aye indeed

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