WFC Invite Challenge 🥇

WFC Invite Challenge

Hello everyone! We want your help to help grow this forum and make sure that everyone can have a great time. We want to make sure that we have more people so we could share the love everywhere. In order to that we need your help. We would like you to invite as many people to the forum as possible. The top person who invites the most people (and accepts the invite) will get a free piece of merch from our store. And the second and third place people will get a free WFC bumper sticker! There is no need to enter the competition, just follow the instructions below to invite people, and that’s how we will be able to keep track of who you’re inviting. Now, before you start flipping out on us and saying this is just a large advertising campaign and we’re just using you all, it’s not. We appreciate all of you, we just want you to be able to have more fun on here and stay engaged with the community by having some more members! Good luck!

How To Invite:

  1. Make sure you are signed into you account. Then, go to the side menu and press “Summary”

  2. Go to the left drop down menu and press Invites.

  3. Press “Send Invite”

  4. Enter their email (do not use the group function)

  5. Send invite or copy the link. Remember, the email that you used to invite them it’s just their email. If you do not feel comfortable asking for their email or they will not give you their email, please let me know if they sign up in their username so I can manually add them as an invite.

Good Luck!


Will do my best! :smiley:

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Tbh, I don’t even wanna do it for prizes I just wanna do it to see this place grow.


We thank you for you commitment! We are excited to see this grow and hope everyone can help contribute to that

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Prepare to be ANNIHILATED children


Girl same, this is an amazing community that deserves so many more members than it has


Indeed :wink:

Will my already invites count

Wait, I’m TL1 I can’t invite people :rofl:. Guess y’all are just gonna have to do without my amazing contributions

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Me sizing up @anon94363592

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Lmaoooo Guess I auto win :smiling_imp:


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I promoted you :slight_smile:


I smell FRAUD…
Edit: lol thanks @CaptainZac I was wondering what was going on there :eyes:


@CaptainZac How do I earn or Assign the airline badges?

Will my already invites count?

Yes, your invites will already count as long as they are under the invites and you formally did it through that

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Please PM me and I’ll show you

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Will do.

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I am literally the biggest dumb head

Cool. :joy:

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