WFC Discord Update

Yes I know it is time for a update to allow people to communicate further and expand the range of this wonderful forum!


  • Add voice chat’s and music cmd Text Chats so people can operate the music bots and have a No-Mic chat so people can still be in the converstation without fealing uncomfortable being in a VC.

This will not make the forum useless and will not draw away from it. Simply expand and engage the members!


Any other ideas put below and I could add them :slight_smile:

VC’s will not be happening. It’s impossible to monitor, and if an incident occurs, it will turn into a “he said, she said” game.

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Adding onto Zack it’s already been said that it would be hard to be pulled off. So I don’t know why we are still asking.

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Not entirely

If we have bot logs it can tell us what happens at all times VC’s would add to the experience and we could do a trial run.

2 things.

Why do we have discourse if we would use discord.
Also, I’m sure @CaptainZac doesn’t want his hard work for nothing.

Not my point. Please re read the top plz.

Not ment to take away from this foum only to add vc’s

Ilike the idea, although the guys’ arguments are valid

I’m not going to close this yet, as I want to hear some input from other people, but first of all, we run off of Discourse. Well I do think discord is a great place for being able to chat, we have a large community that was already paid for, Also, I would love it if you guys can make some more feature request about categories, or things that you want to see you on the community.

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Thanks Zac! The reason is just for the VC’s so people can congregate and have fun talking!

We are not going to do voice chats.

Reason? That is the entire point of this request.

We can’t moderate a voice chat

It would get out of hand, they would be fighting and if no moderator is online, then it would be crazy if someone got out of hand. No one would be able to stop the talking or be able to defen or mute anyone.

There is a bot that you can make to remove and report people. Simple people can leave the VC. I can help you do it aswell.

Look, I invite your idea, but it’s just not what’s gonna be best for this community. I’d like to be able to expand over here on discourse first. We do not need a discord.