WFC Custom Emojis

WFC Custom Emojis!

Starting today, we will be giving everyone the option to add a emoji of their choice. Basically, what this means is, you will have a custom emoji. This could be a picture of your virtual airline, it can be a local that mean something to you. It can be anything! We preferably would like it in the size of a square, and it would show up something like this. For example, WFC logo can be found by using the command :world_flying: while typing. In order to get your custom emoji, you can fill out the form link below as many times as you would like! Please do not go crazy, however lol.


Done :ban: :wink:

Ban hammer

Very interesting. This is weird that I can still access this topic lol

Why was this unlisted?

It was broken, I’m fixing it now

Is it fixed yet @CaptainZac? I wanna try this

Not yet…

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OK, I just fixed it. Anyone who has submitted, please resubmit your forms

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Hmmmm. Ok

Great, you just fix :wrench:

@CaptainZac do you need to approve it first? I don’t see anything

Yes. Give me a sec :slight_smile:

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Done with yours

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Do this too please @CaptainZac
I submitted another one :slight_smile:

@USA_ATC, you must submit the ban it again.

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i cant it just sends me to a blank screen

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Same to me