WFC Airport Design Competition


Welcome to the first WFC airport design competition. This competition is pretty straight forward, design your own airport and it’ll go up against other users’ designs.
I have yet to decide when the competition will take place but probably some time near the end of April. Submission will be open until April 14 (possibly later).


  • Only one submission per person
  • Be creative, don’t just redraw LAX as your own

ALL ENTRANTS will send me a PM with their submission. Depending on the number of entries, I will either run the submissions anonymously through a panel of judges (looking for 3-4 judges, PM me if you would like to be one), or put them up directly for community vote. (Judging would just thin out the number of entries. It’ll still go to a community vote afterwards).




yes yes yes
i’ll design one for bangalore once i’m free :smiley: :smiley:

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So we draw it on paper or…?

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Yeah. Hand drawn on paper.


We need more airport submissions!

To get more people interested, I will allow you to sign up now and send your drawing in later. Please DO NOT submit your drawings in this thread, do so via a PM when you are ready. If you would like your name put down though, you can just tag me here.

I would join but I can’t draw. So yeah.

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I’m still looking for potentially one to two more judges. Let me know if you’re interested (might not be needed though if there’s only two entries).

bumping sorry

Due to lack of interest, I will be postponing the event until June.

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