WFC 2021 Aircraft Drawing Competition!


Hello and welcome to my aircraft drawing competition @PlanesAndGames . This is a fun competition so dont take it too seriously. So here is the format:

Round 1: Free Choice

For round 1 to start we are going to need at least 6 people to entered into the competition. This is because my competition will be run in a knockout format with voting taking place every week to determine a winner.

Round 1 will be a free round, you are alowed to draw any aircraft you want in any livery you want. No voting will take place in this round because it would be unfair.

Round 2: GA Round

In round 2 you will draw a General Aviation aircraft. It can be any aircraft that falls under the GA category. Voting will take place in this round.

To make the voting as fair as possible, I will use a spinner program and put all of the contestants names onto the spinner. You will be paired with someone for the voting and the community will then vote to see who gets through to the next round.

Round 3: Business Jets

If you get into round 3, you will be required to draw a business jet. It can be any business jet that flies around the world. The voting will remain the same for this round.

Round 4: Commercial Aviation

If you have survived the GA and Business jet rounds, you will be required to draw a commercial airliner to stay in the competition. Anything that carry’s passengers around the world is applicable to this stage of the competition.

Final Round: Community Choice

I know that this depends on the amount of people that take part in the competition but eventually we will be left with just 2 people and I have chosen community choice for this round. The finalists will have to take requests from the community and draw whichever that I spin for them. Once the round is over, the voting will take place and whoever comes out on top wins and is the champion for 2021

How to Enter

You can enter the competition by shooting me, @Vortex, a PM. The competition will start on January 23rd and will run for as long as we have contestants. In the PM I will run you through some of the rules of the competition and then you will be entered into the running.

So lets have a bit of fun with this, why not give it a go!

Thank you and enjoy!




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I mean we can try again

SmartSelect_20210222-191242_Samsung Notes
i drew a really small xcub

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Yeah totally

it’s pretty detailed. just small.

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i want to enter

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Ok I will get this competition back up and running shortly, thanks all

ok np :+1:

Definition of a ded topic.

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Is it back up and running

I will begin running this topic if there is a demand for it

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imma join
i’ll start with a 9W B38M

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