WestJet Reveals Their First Ever Lounge In Calgary

WestJet Reveals Their First Ever Lounge In Calgary

Wow… Just it looks stunning. Opening in Calgary on November 2 will be the new WestJet lounge! They are calling it Elevation, And they are taking their theme of the Canadian mountains in the lounge. It is modern, with a nice bar.

From the photos, it does appear that there is a bed rest area, which will be very nice for people who have long layovers, for people like me who arrive to the airport excessively early, and you have time to take a nap, but being me, obviously… Why would you take a nap in the airport?
Below is also 3 videos released by them


At least your airport has a lounge (cries in TXKF)

I don’t live in Calgary tho lmao… well FLL has 2 lounges. United Club and Delta Sky Club but…

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This lounge looks stunning Westjet is such a unique airline.


Looks good, but I’ll probably never use it.

My airport is VHHH, I don’t know how many lounge we haveI really don't have time to see in because I really don't have enough money and the airport terminal is closed because of series social revolution......