Welcome To Our Newest Moderator and Chief Of Regulars

Wow, is this a hard announcement to make or what? Today, unfortunately, @Errigal will be stepping down from his position due to other life commitments that take priority. He will still maintain TL4 status and continue to be active!

We do have some positive news, after climbing the ladder, one by one, @KTJ_Mitchell will be taking that final step on the the moderation team! Let’s also congratulate and welcome him.

And lastly, we need a new Chief Of Regulars. That position will go to none other than @Rollsroyce.

We are so glad to welcome all of these new members to the higher teams here at the WFC!


Thanks to @CaptainZac for the opportunity as Moderator!

Of course I’d also like to say a big congratulations to @KTJ_Mitchell and @Rolls.

Both of you have been incredibly active and have contributed so much to the WFC and deserve your rolls Bad jokes haha fully! I wish you all the best in your new roles!

That sounded like a goodbye speech lol


Zac rlly hates me imagine giving Cheif of Regulars to someone who uses ligh… oh fuuuu Zac also uses light mode

Oh no, now Rolls will power abuse in VORG lol jk congrats @Rolls


me who uses star wars mode and doesn’t have regular

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Welcome to the team @KTJ_Mitchell! It’s gonna be awesome working with you. @Rolls congratulations on becoming the new Chief of Regulars. @Errigal Im sad that you have decided to leave the team. I wish you well in the future.


Well, now we have tons of VORG leaders.

Should we spam tag @Rolls till he sees this?

I’m sad to leave too but as I say I’ll not be going anywhere!

Well… apart from here to the off topic most likely.


You may. Please do!

Nah it doesn’t feel as bad as you think when you get 99 notifications.

edit power abuse 100 lol

Welcome @Rolls to the Throne of Regulars and @KTJ_Mitchell have a great time in the mod team!

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Thanks all!

Incredibly honored


Welcome! Message me to get started :slight_smile:

I come to 11 pings and I was wondering lol

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Oh cool, thanks everyone!

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So well deserved!

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