vRIAT 2022 - an Infinite Flight Event

Hello WFC,

This idea for an event came to my head yesterday and i thought it was a good idea and something that has not been done in Infinite Flight before, a virtual RIAT!

For those who do not know, the RIAT or (Royal International Air Tattoo) is a real world air show held every year in Fairford in mid-July. It is making a reappearance in 2022 in real life.

You may be wondering, why I am not making a topic for this on the IFC, it’s because the proposed date for the event is more than 60 days away. Now let’s get to some information:

Airport - RAF Fairford, UK
Server - Casual

Permitted Aircraft - ALL Military aircraft and like the real air show, we will allow some civilian stuff but not too much

Dates - 29th to 31st July 2022 - this is a 3 day event like the real show (it is a weekend)

NOTAM: You may represent different countries even if aircraft are not in those markings, if you would like this, please tell me in advance and on the day pick a generic looking livery

e.g. If you wanted a Swedish C130 display, pick a generic looking C130H

To sign up, just reply to this topic with:

  • The Aircraft you would like
  • Whether you are flying or static display
  • What date(s) you will display

image days until the show starts
image days until the IFC topic is published

sorry for not updating the countdown for like forever lol


we would love to join :troll:

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ok lemme just sign you guys up and…

wait wut

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@ThatOne9WPlen there is an Indian c130 u can take lol

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My iPad : Cries in pain
Me : Doesn’t have pro

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We will display on all 3 show days so @PlanesAndGames can see our true greatness :troll:

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cool generic planes :troll:

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