Virtual Military Airshows

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Welcome to Virtual Military Airshows, an aerobatic squadron that do airshows on mobile combat flight sims, PC combat flight sims and non-combat flight sims like Carrier Landing HD, DCS and FSX

History of VMA

We were form on November 3rd, 2019 as airshpw division of Global Aviators Military(GAM) led by Vini. In February 2020, we were rename to Virtual Military Airshow since we fly on military aviation as airshows and we also got separated from GAM due to the fact that I’m ban from it. On February 2nd, 2020, our first Blue Angels base on the original Blue Angels perform an airshow on Gunship Sequel WW2 combat flight sim with me, Arctic and Alex being in F6F5 while Cliffwfd in a P-40E premium which would portray as Zero and chase us to simulate aerial dogfight. Later we were inactive until June when we form a partnership with Lucas AMO N850 and his own Blue Angels and for the first time ever, we would be base on modern Blue Angels with members from AMO N850 joining us but AMO were later disbanded at the end of July. Also in July, we expanded into War Thunder and 2 months ago, we also expanded to DCS which were later disbanded and then reestablished in October. When Snoopy joined on September 21st, our Blue Angels routines were entirely change so we did practice show for the first time on Gunship 3 using A-4 Skyhawk. In November, we would also expand to Infinite Flight, GeoFS and FlightGear since we could see ourselves as a benefit in those flight sims as well.

Our Staffs

CAPT Ken “Zero” Wei - Commander of VMA
Matt “Zero2” Archibald - Secretary of VMA
Jonathan “Juno” Tweedy - Chief of VMA Operations
Luke “Badger” Edwards - Vice Chief of VMA Operations

Our demo teams

Blue Angels commanded by Ken “Zero” Wei

Tomahawk Solo Demo Team consist of 10 solo demo teams:
VFA-31 Demo commanded by Ken “Zero” Wei
VFA-2 Demo commanded by Cipher032
VFA-125 F-35C Demo commanded by Coolgamer
VFA-106 Rhino Demo commanded by Snoopy
VFA-122 Tac Demo commanded by Lucas “Badger” Edward
357th A-10C Demo commandded by Kenny “Keno” Naruse
27th fighter squadron F-22 Demo commanded by Wingman
389th fighter squadron F-15E Demo commanded by TheGDJetYT
77th fighter squadron F-16C Demo commanded by Hawk
34th fighter squadron F-35A Demo commanded by Daggerlead

Our first Blue Angels demo team:

Our latest Blue Angels demo team:


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