Virgin Atlantic To Launch Service To Austin

Virgin Atlantic To Launch Service To Austin

Virgin Atlantic will be the next victim airline to enter Austin. Starting sometime this summer, the airline will start VS flights 231 and 232.

This has been confirmed by inside sources. No official announcement or schedule has been released at this time.


Cool. Competition for BA
And another new carrier to AUS alongside KLM

Now they just gotta fix their LAX-MAN route :roll_eyes:

Grand Rapids peacefully waiting for another European connection after having a Luftwaffe charter last year

DTW being 2hrs away, thus eliminating the need for one:

Also MSP and ORD being close by

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Where is the 747 BA offered on this route😡

I will never drive to ORD or MSP to fly

Not talking about options for you, just that there’s a few major airports with many flights to Europe

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