Veterans / Rememberance Day

It was 103 years ago today that, 4 years of fighting in trenches, regular gas attacks and loss of life ended. Today’s the day that we celebrate the lives of 40 Million people, who suffered in the Great War And unfortunately passed.


Not only WW2, but the veterans of Vietnam, Korea, and all other military actions worldwide

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My grandpa on my moms side was involved in the Vietnam war. He wasn’t in Combat but he helped out with dynamite and tanks I think. Don’t know for sure cause he died 8 years ago and I don’t rlly feel like asking my grandma about that


what now?

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Taken at Veterans Day assembly yesterday by a friends parent.

Clapping while we are playing was for students and adults who were standing.

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my school had one as well but the projector didn’t work so most of it didn’t happen

Happy Veterans Day, America! And Happy Remembrance day to everyone else!

Thank You For Your Service Flag GIF by Green Valley Community Church