Unpopular Aviation Opinions

Yes I’m bringing it back. but now I’m IF vamp and not lilseedy


  1. No Boeing vs Airbus or Bombardier Vs Embraer debates because there’s already a post for that.
  2. Polls are allowed but State your opinion first and the put the poll. Make sure to show who voted as well.
  3. Don’t Bully people because of their opinion, it’s an opinion after all. Unless their @Starz . go ahead if Starz says sum u don’t like

Thats all from me. Vamp out

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blue cheese

forgot to include the aviation part in the title lmao

anyways back on topic.

Jetlbue > every other us airline.

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  • nay

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avelo > breeze

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but its literally annoying to just put vamp in the middle of the sentence or at the end.


I can’t say my name? I used to say Lill seedy at the end of old topics but I can’t say my new user now?

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not my pic but this is why me and others say its annoying


lets bring this back on topic

AA is superior.


Avelo is dumb. They stopped serving GJT.


wow that must suck huh

Maybe cause nobody tryna fly there, dose breeze fly there

No wrong

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No. The with the Avelo thing though, you have to consider that there was three other routes to the LA area at the same time: AA(LAX) Allegiant(SNA & LAX).

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I’m personally an Avelo fan over Breeze, because they serve my home area and they gave us an aircraft (737-800 and -700) other than the E-jets, CRJ200s and Allegiant’s A319/320s

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same here, neither of them serve bermuda but breeze has a hub in Hartford and aver is opening up a base in Hartford as well so ill have cheap flights from my cool. they’re both llcs and i like the aver livery better

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Autocorrect has left that chat

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I prefer Breeze over Avelo while they both fly here Breeze has a better cabin in my opinion.

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ion rlly care about cabin at all, I care about where they fly, im not tryna fly to Columbus from Hartford on a Tuesday afternoon.

it auto corrects the correct word to the wrong word cause avelo isn’t a real word lmao