Unpopular Aviation Opinions!

Welcome, here you can post your unpopular aviation opinions for the real world and in simulators and share them with the rest of the forum and see how much they relate to you.


  1. No Boeing vs Airbus or Bombardier Vs Embraer debates because there’s already a post for that.

  2. Polls are allowed but State your opinion first and the put the poll. Make sure to show who voted as well.

  3. Don’t Bully people because of their opinion, it’s an opinion after all.

That’s it for me, have fun!

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I’ll start it off:

JetBlue is better than Delta

What do y’all think?

  • JetBlue
  • Delta

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Lets gooo, everyone who voted JetBlue will move up a TL

I wish I could do that, but I don’t want to be unfair, but I like the people who do. For the people who vote Delta… You are now my arch nemesis


Fort Lauderdale airport is better than Miami

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami

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Air Koryo is better than Ryanair

  • Air Koryo
  • Ryanair

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American Airlines is better than Delta

  • American Airlines
  • Delta

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Never flew most of these airlines

it really depends on what aircraft your on with american, their a319, a320 , non transcon a321s and 757s are unbearable for over 1:30 hours.

Their 737s and transcon a321s are nice though

Newark is the worst airport in the world

What’s the worst airport?

  • Newark
  • Literally any other airport

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this isn’t really unpopular but you’re not wrong, united’s terminal at ewr was nice when I was there though

United international terminal is AWFUL

I almost missed a 3 hour connection

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Well I made an half an hour connection with a 15 minute delay on my first flight. I was also talking about the domestic terminal because flights from Bermuda a gas pre clearance flights because of pre departure customs

United doesn’t have an international terminal at EWR. I think you’re referring to Terminal B, which is managed solely by the Port Authority. You can thank them for that. :wink:

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Boston Logan > Any New York Airport IRL

  • KBOS
  • KEWR
  • KJFK
  • KLGA

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:joy::joy: I have never traveled with JetBlue, only Delta… :joy:

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Definitely Delta!

Boooo u bad person :rage::joy:


I voted Jetblue. I hope that made your day.

You actually thought lol

I can add the word Delta to the list of flagged words if you would like


Ummm. No thanks. You can add Jetblue though.