Unmatched Air Traffic Control

Does anyone play Unmatched Air Traffic Control?

I have recently started playing it again and I can’t stop playing it.

What is Unmatched ATC?
It is a mobile ATC simulator that consists of the frequencies of Tower, Ground and Clearance.
You start out controlling a small regional airport that handles 737 family and A320 family and ATRs but then when you have a certain amount of points you can level up to a larger airport. The goal of the game is to have as many arrivals and departures as possible without having a collision or a go around.

There are lots of airports to level up to both realistic and fictional.

Fiction Airports

Rocky Mountains Regional
Paradise Island International
Capeville City International
Snowlake Regional
Green Valley International
Streamwood International
Spring Brook International
White Center International

Realistic Airports

Las Palmas Grancaria GCLP
Rio De Janeiro SBRJ (Santos Dumont)
Denpasar Ngurah Rai Bali WADD

Thank you for taking a look and have you ever played this game? What were your experience with it?

Oh yes I played it a bit but it eats up a lot of money…

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I learned how to get instant earnings by using the 4x mode but it still takes a bit of time.

I do! It’s quite fun, and I enjoy the 4x mode. Easy way to earn money fast, lol.

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It’s also especially useful at the smaller airports where you don’t have traffic all the time.

Indeed. It is so boring otherwise.

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I never played it

Might try tho

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I played it, it’s fun. At least, it’s fun when they don’t give you 30 Delta planes in a row :joy:

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Not sure about this game. I stopped playing ATC games a while ago.

I used to play it but it got really boring with only 1 airport and same planes and callsigns again and again… not sure how to upgrade without paying?

Any tips?

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I have a few tips @tunamkol you can use the fast forward mode and that really speeds up the time it takes and if you haven’t opening more gates is a good idea so you can get more air traffic.


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