United Passenger Dies In The Middle Of The Flight

On United Airlines flight 591 from Orlando to Los Angeles, a passenger died in the middle of the flight. They were sitting in seat 28D. His wife leader admitted that he came on the flight knowing that he had tested positive for COVID-19. When they were over Louisiana, they diverted to New Orleans airport. It was in a Boeing 737-900ER (N37466) United quotes:

Our flight diverted to New Orleans due to a medical emergency and paramedics transported the passenger to a local hospital where the individual was pronounced deceased. We have been in touch with his family and have extended our sincerest condolences to them for their loss.

At the time of the diversion, we were informed he had suffered a cardiac arrest, so passengers were given the option to take a later flight or continue on with their travel plans. Now that the CDC has contacted us directly, we are sharing requested information with the agency so they can work with local health officials to conduct outreach to any customer the CDC believes may be at risk for possible exposure or infection.

What do you think about this crazy situation?

Oh god! That’s awful!

Only on a United flight…

But in all seriousness this is awful. I don’t agree with him going on the flight knowing he had COVID though. I wish people would just take it seriously and stay home.


Oh my god, thats sad depressing. :sleepy:

I’m sorry for the family’s loss. I hope that everyone else is ok.


Wow godness me

Gosh that’s just crazy
I wonder if the altitude change had something to do with it
Since COVID affects the lungs

Dang, that is sad. Sorry for that family


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