United is Hopping into the Next Decade // Orders 270 Aircraft

After the COVID-19 pandemic, and the crap that went on for the last year, United Airlines is one of few to return to profitability. With that, they recently unveiled, not only an improved cabin and new/more premium seats, but an order for 270 new and way more fuel efficient aircraft! Take a look at what they ordered! This order should be a nice compromised discussion for our community, as it includes both MAX and NEO aircraft!

Aircraft # Ordered
Boeing 737 MAX 10 150
Boeing 737 MAX 8 50
Airbus A321NEO 70

Also announced, a new and improved cabin will be retrofitted onto older aircraft

(Photo credit to United Airlines)

Included in the new statement, was part saying: “The airline also announced a hiring spree that it expects to total about 25,000 employees for the new planes, including pilots, flight attendants and mechanics” (Leslie Josephs, CNBC).

Finally, it looks like seatback entertainment systems (also known as IFE), are making a comeback, as all new aircraft, and retrofitted aircraft, will be receiving generously sized screens for you to watch movies in flight!

(Photo credit to United Airlines)

If you would like to read more on United’s order, check out this article (and my source) by CNBC

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That’s some good news

It indicates that United sees hope at the end of the pandemic and thinks traffic will surpass pre pandemic levels

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I think it will, people being stuck at home for like forever, I want to travel SO BAD RN!

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I could understand the Airbus order if the went for more XLRs or some LRs, but in my opinion, the standard A321neo is too similar to the MAX10 for it to make sense to order it.

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By the way I was guessing NEO and MAX because they have existing MAX and XLR orders

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Looks awesome! That interior is epic!

The thing I would like to say is that the A321NEO order to me makes sense, as when you work out the math the A321NEO fleet will have an awfully similar amount of seats to the existing A320-200 fleet, so I think United intends on upgrading their fleet by retiring the older A320 and replacing them with the newer A321NEO, similar to what they are doing with the 737NG and 737-MAX


Glad to hear that!

By the way their 772s are incredibly old, they have to replace them - best solution is A359 which is very similar in terms of capacity etc. However they delayed the deliveries to 2027


Honestly, there’s a pretty slim chance of UA taking the A359. My guess is they’ll use the B78X as a replacement instead.

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Yeah, those things are gonna get cancelled, when was the last time you heard the order to first delivery gap as 18 years? Yes, 18 years!!!

But range man
UA is using 772 on very long flights to Asia (EWR HKG etc) that the 78X can barely fly

But the A359 is perfect for those

Glad you like it!

I’m happy because it’s the 321N and it’s not replacing the 757, instead the old A320-200s, definetly an upgrade!

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Upgrade to a 77W then

Oh no the XLRs are gonna replace the 757s

They downgraded it intentionally

Will probably be done with increased frequency using a B788 or B789.

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NMA goes zoom

I know, but this order isn’t doing that, it’s a sensible upgrade

Can Boeing stop delaying the NMA
They put it aside

789 → 772

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