United Announces Service To Honolulu From Orange County

United Announces Services To Honolulu From Orange County

United has announced yet another flight to Hawaii this year from Orange County (SNA) to Honolulu. The flight will be open for booking on Saturday and the flight will lift off on May 6. It will be a morning departure, at just after 8:00AM. People speculate it will be on a Boeing 737-800.


United’s next hub is PHNL, change my mind

Nice to see new service! I shall summon @Californian_Aviator for this!

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Yeah I heard like 3 days ago lol
Super cool! Just need to upgrade to the 757 :joy:

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nah, in true United Hawaii fashion: 777-200, take it or leave it

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This airport has a 5,700ft runway
If it’s empty sure, but not for a real flight :joy:

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It already is according to planespotters.net, Guam is as well

edit: or at least… it was

I mean, they do have a lot of flights but my definition is with a crew base as well. Although I do think we are closing in on them opening a crew base there


Oh, yeah, heard about this last week.

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