United Airlines To End Service To Destin/Fort Walton Beach

United Airlines To End Service To Destin/Fort Walton Beach


United Airlines will end service to Destin/Fort Walton beach in Florida.

Currently, the airline has 2 daily flights to the airport. Both flights go from Destin to their hub in Houston. The earlier flight on the ERJ145, and the later one on a 175.

The airport will still be left with Allegiant, American, Delta, and Southwest. Service to the state of Texas will not fully be cut off, instead it will only have service on Southwest and American to Dallas.


Is that like a ripoff Dallas Fort Worth?

No… it’s in Florida.


Eh, a lot of things in Florida have the word Fort in it

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All the “forts” in Florida. Yes, they are all real.

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Walton
Fort Pierce
Fort Meade
Fort McCoy
Fort Matanzas
Fort Drum
Fort Florida
Fort Gates
Fort George
Fort Gadsden
Fort Drane
Fort De Soto
Fort Centre
Fort Braden
Fort Caroline
Fort Brook Landing
Fort Basinger
Fort Green
Fort Hamer
Fort Jefferson
Fort King
Fort Kissimmee
Fort Lonely
Fort Lonesome
Fort Mason
Fort Ogden
Fort Peyton
Fort Pickens
Fort Union
Fort White

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best one

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i have been to fort lauderdale

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only for like 3 days

i wanna goo theereeeee

Well I wouldn’t want to live there


i live there lol

Aww :confused:

irrelevent, and bermuda better

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At least you can drive to this place :upside_down_face:

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