Type boxes for favourite airline, aircraft and airport

Hello members of the WFC,

I am proposing that there could be type boxes for the favourite airline, aircraft and airport section so that members of the community can type in their favourites rather than have a drop down list. This would make it so if an airline , aircraft or airport is not on the list yet it could still be in a users favourite section

But users will exploit this and use it inappropriately right?

People would most likely ask this question so I thought I’d answer it now. It would be similar to typing in a callsign and any given user can make a callsign inappropiate in their profile

ok bye

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this, @lhr_pilot!

However, at the moment, we’re not looking to change this, mainly for simplicity purposes. That said, this is something we will take into consideration.

In the meantime, if there is an airline that you would like to see that we don’t have, please fill out the form in the topic below.