Trivia Night Without The Mods | Season 1 Episode 6

So as we all know, trivia night with the mods was a show we did weekly about a month ago. Unfortunately, that has faded away so we will be transferring it to a different format. It will be trivia night without mods. Please use the link below to start the trivia on your own time. The game will close in 24 hours, tomorrow night at 10 PM Eastern. Whoever gets the highest score by then wins. While we cannot prevent anything, we encourage you not to use Google. Let’s make it fair for everyone. Other than that, please use the link and enjoy!


Okay then…easy enough

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Done! 1140 points

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I hope you played lol

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imagine having 1500 points totally not me

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:pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

le what?

I did, lol. I scored 1140.

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I win pog?

780 points here…

After four playoff rounds, congratulations @anon94363592 for winning!