Trivia Night With The Mods | Season 2 Episode 1 & WFC Awards

Hello everyone! Please vote in the poll below for when trivia night should happen. I’m giving only two options because we’ve had a bunch of different demands from people. Which everyone gets the most votes is going to win no matter what.

All Times Eastern
  • Saturday 8:00PM
  • Saturday 11:00PM

0 voters


11pm is 1am here

Too late

Yes but 8pm is 5pm here so

The time I can make is 11PM EST. So I hope it wins.

I could only make 8

Time: 2020-12-13T04:00:00Z


Meeting ID: 828 4687 3123
Passcode: WFC

YT Live


Sadly way too early for me

Yes!!! I can 60% make the zoom. I will be a bit late though if I make it.

Won’t be able to join sorry


  • I will be at the Zoom
  • I will be at the YouTube live
  • I will not make it

0 voters

I might make it.

I am already on the YT live

Begins In Less Than 30 Minutes

To join or not to join…

edit: Most definetly joining