Trip Report! It Was...Great? // KGRR - KSFB // Allegiant A320

Howdy from the Sunshine State, where I have just gotten off my lovely charter flight to Orlando/Sanford. Many things to see, many things to do, let’s get into it!!!

Welcome to GRR, where we embark on a fantastic journey down south to Orlando cruising at FL340 → FL350, this trip has been 2 years in the making, and I’m so glad it’s now a reality

Here is the very official check-in desk, and since I was special because I move from flight 1 to flight 2, my friend and I got to check in first. I dropped off my bag and my trumpet, and it was off to security

Security was virtually none, I got in line, and was helped immediately, along with that, I was in security for about 3 mins, which is always nice

Airside, I went left to go get breakfast with my friend, a ham and cheese bagel. We headed back over to A to say goodbye to friends on the first flight (foreshadowing). Over to A3

How do you miss a flight at GRR?

Boarding, I asked the gate agent very politely if I could board first, and he said, of course. I was escorted down the jetbridge, down to our aircraft

Our bird is an 18 year old Airbus A320, delivered new to Aeroflot, it was formerly in the CSKA livery, or Moscow’s football team. The aircraft has been with Allegiant since February of 2020

I choose seat 4A, the seat itself was very uncomfortable, and very very hard. The tray tables were so incredibly tiny, I laughed. It wasn’t terrible tho, having enough space where I can sit comfortably, and have my iPad on the tray

Bye bye flight 1, we push back, not getting de-iced because our plane didn’t need it since it came in this morning from Orlando. Actually, they got delayed an hour for some reason, so we arrived first, nice

We took off on 26L, and banked south over Kentwood. And climbed up to our cruise, I thought this flight would be super turbulent, but no, this flight was one of the smoothest I’ve ever been on!

The snack service was pretty good, kinda like Southwest, I got a Coke and two bags of pretzels, along with my choccy milk and bagel sandwich

We begin our initial decent over Georgia, and after 4 episodes of the Good Place, my friends and I are ready to get there

Welcome to SFB, I asked the lead F/A for a photo, and the captain gladly said yes. They weren’t too happy I was wearing my Southwest mask tho :sweat_smile:

My review:

Crew :star::star::star::star::star:, amazing crew, they were funny and super kind. Much better than I expected

Food :star::star::star::star:, good selection, it gets the job done… deliciously

Timing :star::star::star::star::star:, bags and aircraft were both on time, and arrived in good shape

Seat :star::star:, rock hard, and not much space, no recline, and the tray table is 1/3 the size of regular tables

Overall :star::star::star::sparkles: (3.5), everything was well handled, and I really enjoyed the flight, and I’ll happily get back on another Allegiant flight!

Thanks y’all



Nice Photos! Im guessing your enjoying Orlando now ig

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Hold up… I never knew Allegiant served free snacks.

Like it or not, the A320 cockpit does seem pretty spacious for a plane its size. I love how they blocked out the windows at the gate though.

Does that even qualify as a proper table? :joy: I guess not. It’s probably just a miniature tray.

I especially liked the picture taken during the cruise. How was the landing?


Very much so


Why did u go with that one to begin with :joy:

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Because I said so

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that doesnt even make sense

This just makes me think that Frontier should’ve bought Allegiant instead of Spirit.



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That’s completely unrelated, but ok😂


I don’t know why but it just popped up in my head.

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