Why do Americans have so many different types of towels? We have beach towels, hand towels, bath towels, dish towels, camping towels, quick-dry towels, and let’s not forget paper towels. Would 1 type of towel work for each of these things? Let’s take a beach towel. It can be used to dry your hands and body with no difficulty. A beach towel could be used to dry dishes. Just think how many dishes you could dry with one beach towel. I’ve used a beach towel with no adverse effects while camping. If you buy a thin beach towel it can dry quickly too. I’d probably cut up a beach towel to wipe down counters or for cleaning other items, but a full beach towel could be used too. Is having so many types of towels an extravagant luxury that Americans enjoy or is it necessary? I’d say it’s overkill and we could cut down on the many types of towels that manufacturers deem necessary.


Beach towels are my everything.

But why do we wash the towel after we dry ourselves, the point of showering is to clean ourselves so how does the towel get dirty

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I literally ask myself the same thing. I guess it’s because the moisture can make the towel moldy?


Because America bad

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You live here

Wait what this is actually a thing? I’ve never heard about this in my time that I have been alive!

One must take into account the materials and the construction of the towel. There are Kerala towels, Turkish towels, Caucasian towels, etc. However, your point that all towels can be multi-purpose is still valid.
It therefore depends on the individual’s liking of a certain towel type’s texture, material, or construction.

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Cause they start to smell bad if you use them and don’t wash them for a while, especially in humid places

I think if the towel is dirty after you shower you need better soap :joy:

Yes it’s a joke I understand towels get dirty

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