Toronto Pearson Ground & Tower Timelapse

Toronto Pearson Ground & Tower Timelapse


Hey guys! Welcome back to another IFATC timelapse!

Today’s video features CYYZ, an airport that is bound to attract traffic whenever it’s featured. I controlled it on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020, and had a blast. I was open for 1 hour and 28 minutes before handing it over. Additionally, I’d like to thank @yoshi_flyer for radar services! It was a phenomenal session on both ends!


Opened: 21:32:07Z
ATIS Quebec Published: 21:33:42Z
CYYZ GTS Closed: 23:00:53

Total Aircraft: 630
Total Messages: 988
Recording Time: 01:28

IMG_0803 )

Be sure to let me know if you see yourself in this video. I know I saw a lot of familiar faces. Feedback is accepted and appreciated, as well! :grin:


Great job Zack. I will always think these are so cool.

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Thanks! It’s really satisfying to watch all aircraft in 20x. :joy:

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Nice job! Watching all the planes move so fast is cool!

(Q: Why do you have 172 subs, did you have content before or something)

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Sure is!

Yes, and we don’t talk about it. :joy:

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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Sorry, once I start a question, I am not stopping until I get an answer, so yeah

Haha, no worries. It was just videos of me doing random things. One of them actually got 10,000+ views. I still have them, they’re just unlisted.

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Send da link pliz

In your dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing Job sir. absolutely beautiful.

My most viewed vid has 600 views and it’s because my dad gave me a shoutout to his friends

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I watched it before you posted here because of post notifications :crazy_face:


Should I be concerned by that?


This is satisfyingly awesome


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