To the Fourth of February - TAAG Angola 777-200 - KSFO - FNLU

Repost from IFC, 6-20-20

I flew TAAG Angola’s 777-200 from San Francisco to Luanda, one of the longest flights I have made.
Here are some pictures I took!

Time: 17 hours, 34 minutes
Route: San Francisco (KSFO) - 4th of February (FNLU)
Server: Training
Simulation: Infinite Flight

At the gate in San Francisco.

Holding short of runway 1L as Alaska takes off into the sky.

Departed on runway 28L!

Beautiful view of San Francisco.

On final at Luanda!

Landed on runway 23!

Parked at the gate, after an exhausting 17 hours.


Amazing shots

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Amazing photographies

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:clap: Very nice shots!

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