Tips and Tricks for cheap upgrades and Flying Essentials

Hello WFC:

My brother and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our tips to getting cheap first class tickets and/or upgrades as well as some essential items to bring with you when you fly. So without further ado, let’s get started. The first part goes over what we look for when upgrading your seat from main cabin to first class. Some people might have other things but these are some things we look at:

-Less tham 100 bucks
-Worth the money… (not one buck for every minute…dont pay 50 bucks for an upgrade for a a50min flight)
-Tight connection
-Long flight
-usually better service
-less people
-Not as crowded
-Better legroom
-More space to move around

You might be wondering? How do I get these deals? Well, its that simple. Just checkin on your carrier’s phone app and it will ask if you want to upgrade if there is an upgrade open or when you check in at the kiosk, it will also ask you. We all have different opinions on when we should upgrade, but these are some of mine that I look like when I decided if I want to upgrade or not.

Now, those are my reasons why I would pay for an upraded seat.

The second part of this post is what I normally bring with me when I travel wether I am on a day trip or if I am spendng the night. These are just what I bring and some of the essentials that everyone should have but again, I know opinions will vary and that is fine.

I bring the following things everytime I fly:

-Hygienge products (toothpaste/toothrbush,etc: Self explanatory

-Phone charger and portable charger: Not all airplanes have portbale USB chargers so its a good idea to bring your own just in case it doesnt.

-Extra set up clothes: Now this may sound wierd to alot of you guys but lets think of this. Alot of things can go wrong when you are flying. You can spill soda or food on your clothes and want to change them. You could get stuck at the airport overnight due to weather or some other unforseem cirumstance and want to have a fresh set up clothes to change into.

-Cash: It’s always good to have cash with you. At least a little bit. Ive been in several instances were all three of my cards didnt work and the only way to pay was with cash. If I didnt have cash, I would of been stuck for a while so always carry cash.

-Water Bottle: This one is one of my biggest things I carry when I travel. Airport food and drinks can get expensive real quick so having my own water bottle saves me time and money and I get so much more water out of filing up my water bottle then buying the plastic ones. When you fly you get dehyradted quicker so its important that you stay hydtrated so you dont get light headed and/or start feeling sick.

Snacks- Bring snacks. Just like the water bottle, airport food and snacks are expensive and can add up quickly. Save a few bucks by bringing snacks from home and eating those when you are hungry.

And as always during this pandemic, make sure you have hand sanitier and a few masks with you when you fly.

I hope this helps some of you community members out when planning on what to take for next flight and waht something are to look for when going for a seat upgrade.


Thank you for these amazing tips, will be very handy!


Awesome tips! I can’t wait to use them.

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Well done, mate! Thanks for sharing this with our community!


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