My new favorite news source

Hey guys, I recently discovered this news source called Thin Air Today. It’s a fake news website full of hilarious satirical aviation stories such as “Pilots discover new runway at O’Hare” and “Boeing sues Airbus after getting a patent for ‘flying’.” Just thought I should share this with y’all.

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Was this from a Swiss001 video?

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Yeah, his latest one.

I wouldn’t have been able to tell… I think they’re lying here :thinking:

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Haha didn’t notice that before.

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Yeah…idk something looks a little fishy, how about we get some headlines before we come to a conclusion?

Ryanair will soon charge extra for flights with beautiful views

Plane flies through iCloud destroying millions of backups

Etihad hires actors to fill empty seats

Trump orders American Airlines to replace Water by Mountain Dew

And…my personal favorite:

Alitalia thanks all employees with -$470 Million profit sharing


thats my favorite lol

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Boeing 777X breaks Newton’s first law of motion

Head scientist on the 777X is 386 year old Robert Hooke, Neil de Grasse Tyson is head of the science police

SpaceX joined Star Alliance :joy:

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Lol epic!!

Did they?

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No, it was satire.

I know. Tis a joke

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Ok wasn’t sure lol

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