The WFC’s Favorite Song - January 2024

The WFC’s Favorite Song - January 2024

Pulling from the billboard 100, we will take 4 of the top songs each month and battle them head to head, to see what the WFC’s favorite song really is.

Billboard has plenty of categories, so I encourage you to create your own topic (if you would like) with your category of choice. However, we will mainly focus on the largest of hits, which is generally pop or alternative.

May the best song win!

Snippets of the songs below:

cue @vamp advocating for carti in the feburary version


literally never heard of any of them


Same tbh.

Tbh, the second one is the best imo. Least favorite is the first one.

I am going to pretend I have definitely absolutely heard these before

You can click on them to listen to them.

I pray for the day Carti drops his album and gets a top 4 song

Also all mid. Needs Carti. Won’t be voting

This should also be weekly instead of monthly

I ain’t even see the blurred thing till now ffs

Also that’s if Carti actually drops

okay boomer

We need a carti vs Yeat :face_in_clouds:

I haven’t been listening to music too much lately though

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Bro said ok boomer in 2024. Im also gen Z lol

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