The WFC Has Reached 100 Users!

The WFC Hit 100 Users!

So you’re probably expecting me to make some long boring speech… And I’ll tell you this. One things for sure, it’s gonna be a long speech, but not pouring… So listen… Or read up. First of all, I would like to thank all of the moderators here. @anon94363592, @ToasterStroodie, @CPT_HILD, @Austrian001, @Suhas, @Blitz, and @MJP_27. This community wouldn’t have been possible without them, so I would like to give them a big thank you. Next, I would like to thank all of you. If it weren’t for all of you users, we wouldn’t of gotten to 100. It was your dedication and your involvement with the community that brought us to this point. I would like to thank everyone, whether you are new, old, or even remember us from our old community back on our old software. Moving over to discourse was the best decision we ever made and we are so glad we were able to keep all of you along for the ride. This community has really brought me closer to a lot of you all, and it has helped me be happy over quarantine as well. Now, I can’t give you all cake or anything… But let’s have a celebration with some party music and… Emoji’s.