The Political Compass..... But for Planes

Hey everyone, I started a compass for planes. In the chart below, please tell me where you want to be recorded.

Here is the current map: ver7
Most Radical Position: @Rolls (Commu-Plane), @Zach (Lib-a-Plane), @Infinite_Pilot1 (Want a plane built tomorrow)

Most Centrist: @bbrockairbus (;literally loves all planes)



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Here please


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center left

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I’m probably right around where Jacob is. I like old, new, big, small and everything in between.

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Yeah I like older planes more than new, but there’s just something cool about flying on a new 737 with mood lighting. Plus I like planes from MD-80 to 747 lol


As far left green as possible. Only green.

How down is it in the green?

In the green as far left and away from other ones as possible.

So far bottom left


You cannot be as radical as me

So the bottom left corner? :joy:

That’s right. Err… left.

haHaAahHahAha so funny not

This looks like a good spot. (Exact Center)

I’ll go near @Californian_Aviator please. Just above.

I would like my spot 2 1/2 centimeters southwest of @Stellar_G

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Actually, 2 centimeters northwest of @CaptainZac

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Place me close to USA ATC please, a bit more down