The Max Hits A Road Bump | More Technical Errors

Compare the Max to the A220 that has had no issues causing any planes to be grounded. Yet after many issues the Max Continues to be more costly and has not reached the name of “safe” yet.

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When new Airbus planes are already being retired

Planes always have technical difficulties okay? Just like the A321XLR with the fuel fire issue.
Older planes had issues and were fixed. Not like this is a rare occurrence
Just saying


Why are we comparing the A220? Also the A220 has been grounded, although it was simply a recommendation when compared to a forced one, which is the same thing here.


You mean the one that Boeing recommended :joy:.

Why would Boeing recommend an option that would make it closer to the range of the 757? They don’t want competition.
Also that’s Airbus’ choice not Boeing’s

uhh… anyone remember the cseries testing phase back in 2014? no? ok…

Weren’t there like engine failures


But did the A220 have more issues than the MAX? No.

oh, you just changed it from:



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Which aircraft has been around longer with more aircraft?
Longer time and more aircraft is statistically saying there’d be more issues over time

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