The Largest Game Of Airlines - WFC Edition

Welcome to the WFC “Biggest Game Of Airlines” this game was newly invented, so we are going to test it out and see how it works. It kind of a combination of “Telephone” and “Trivia,” so let me explain.

I will first choose a community member and PM them a clue of the airline I am thinking of. I will label that “Clue 1” and either give a brief sentence (with not too much context), a video, or something else.

It is then their job to take a guess of the airline they thing I am thinking of and send a different clue of either a brief sentence (with not too much context), a video, or something else. Do not reveal the airline in your clue. You will also quote what my clue was and pass that on. You will label that “Clue 2” and this process will repeat until we get to clue 19, where they should have my clue, clue 2, clue 3, etc. The person that receives clue 19 and only the person who receives clue 19 must do the following.

Clue 20 must be sent to @moderators, and EVERYONE who was sent a message will receive a prize.

Q & A

  • Can messages be sent to moderators?

Yes, they will not know the answer. The only one who cannot be sent messages is me.

Yeah, bad Q & A. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will help clarify. The first person to like this post will receive the first PM!


They Think anyways, I like this idea

What clue are we on rn? Did @Canadian_Aviator pass the phone yet


What in the what now

What we are going to do is in each post, there will be a “torch emoji” and the torch will be passed

okie dokie.

I still don’t understand a thing

OK, we are starting! In under five minutes, the first torch will be handed to the first person who liked the top post


Time for this to get interesting. Hope @Canadian_Aviator is active.

@Canadian_Aviator just got inactive, wait now active

The torch is off!


He liked my post, he has seen it. Good luck. It’s harder than you would’ve thought


Literally I have no idea what is going on

Has the first clue been passed on yet?

Yes it has.

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What on earth is this? I have no clue at what this is

I don’t exactly get what’s going on but the effort put in is great to be fair