The A350's Long Haul

Previously from the IFC; 09-05-20

It is time for the A350-900 to receive her long haul.


Time: 16h 42m
Aircraft: Qatar A359
Route: Los Angeles (KLAX) - Hamad Intl (OTHH)
Server: Expert
Sim: Infinite Flight

Loading nothing but fuel, cargo, and beauty

She takes off like the beauty she is

Flying over the US-Canada border at 32,000 feet

Flying over Greenland :greenland: as she braces for the cold

Completing the Atari game at 43,000 feet

A glimpse of the moon :crescent_moon:

Fast forward to OTHH

On final

Landing as @Captain-787 grades her landing

She now rests at Doha.

The End

Why is there a BA A320 at OTHH?!

Anyways. Nice photos!

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I don’t know lol

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Beautiful pictures!

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Haha how do you play the Atari game? Always seen it but never knew how it worked. Great shots!

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You go up to about FL430 in the A359

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Two years later

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