The 737MAX Is Officially FAA Recertified To Fly Passengers!

The MAX Is Back!

After hard work from the bowling team, and years… I minute of preparation, the 737 max with Fishel he return to the skies very soon! It is officially FAA certified as of today, and we will expect it to start flying with passengers in the near future. I want to hear your thoughts on this, and what you think this means alleviation in the street. Personally, I would not feel safe flying on the serigraph yet, I want extensive amount of testing, plus at least a good year to two years of aviation passenger service so it becomes general aircraft. I’m glad to see this back in the skies, but I also want to make sure that the skies are still safe!


Don’t plan to fly in it.


I’m not up for flying this for a long while yet.


I flew the Max 10 days prior to it being grounded if I’m being honest I’m not super worried.

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I’ll be going on the NEO’s instead :sunglasses:

Ooh, I’ll have a flight in it

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