Super Bowl talk

Go at it

Chiefs and Eagles 2022 Super Bowl

Super Bowl is so mid, commercials and halftime show carry the whole thing. im gonna cut in for the show and then skip the rest of it cause football is boring lol


World Cup solos so easily


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Super bowl this weekend!!!

:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

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It’s this weekend? Kinda forgot about it, ngl


same, don’t care about either of the teams either

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I only pay attention for the first bit to see the flyover footage

Yeah. That and the halftime show. New Rihana hopefully :crossed_fingers:

Giants got out cause we suck

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What a match so far… A close match

Dude this is HELLA CLOSE…

Imagine winning

Halftime show carried, as usual

Niners vs Ravens this year for sure. Ravens for the W :joy:

The companies that make triangle-shaped chips are gonna love it this year.

Or the bowl shaped variant.

As a huge 49ers, I say 49ers vs Ravens in the Super Bowl. 49ers take the win, 38-28 though.

Well this aged well!

Why did they have to pick usher for the halftime show. We want a Calvin Harris halftime show