Stroopwafel vs Biscoff

What is Better?

Delta & American With Biscoff

United With Stroopwaffels

  • Biscoff Cookies
  • Stroopwaffels

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I’m sorry what’s a “stroopwaffel”?


selects it anyway

lol yes

Actually AA was the first to serve stroopwaffles :expressionless:

Now we have biscoff. Still, stroopwaffles FTW

Yo can you say syrupwaffles instead?

There’s no syrup
It’s caramel :heart_eyes:

Stroop = syrup, wafel (not waffel) = waffle

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I’ve always said stroopWAFFLE
I don’t care

americans and their way of saying stuff lol

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PNG: tEcHnIcAlLy YoUrE aMeRiCaN tOo

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Stroopwaffle ftw

I love the Biscoff but the Stroopwaffle is just😫

I got both of those today. :joy:

biscoff ftw

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United now serves Biscoff cookies in addition to stroopwaffles—you get to pick one on the plane.

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Doesn’t matter. If you think of the snack on Delta, you think of Biscoff. If you think of United, who thinks of Biskoff cookies? All about the Stroopwaffels baby!


At least pre pandemic AA had stroopwaffles in first class

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