Spotting the Frontier A319

The one airplane that I desperately wanted to see in Bozeman was the Frontier Airlines A319 I had gone to the airport on a day with a direct crosswind to the active runway 30 and stood in the for some reason open-air parking garage and withstood the howling winds through the parking garage and some guy yelling to his work buddy from across each of the vehicles they were moving around for the entire hour that I was there and the ramp workers testing the functionings of the two adjacent jet bridges. It all then payed off because I got to see both the Frontier Airlines A319 and the Alaska Airlines Q400 retro-prop!

First up is a red Hawker 800 parked at the Yellowstone Jet Center

Next is a Cessna 414 from Casper Wyoming.
The next airplane to land was this Medivac PC-12 taxing to the FBO.image
This bright orange Monney M20 taxing to parking after landing.image
After a while the Frontier A319 lands from Denver with the Bridger mountains in the background.
The first jet to land was this Delta Connection E175 from Salt Lake City.
With the Frontier A319 off the runway it waits as the Horizon Air Retro-Prop as it exits the ramp bound for Portland.

The Horizon Air Retro-prop taxing past me for PDX!
The Frontier A319 followed the Horizon Air Retro-prop onto the ramp and pulled into the gate right in front of me.
The last airplane I saw land was is this non-retro-prop Q400 from Alaska Horizon from Seattle.
Thank you for looking at my pictures today I hope you enjoyed them!
I used a Nikon D50


very nice, like the Q400 at the end!

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Cool shots! I liked that special Q400 livery :slight_smile:

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I’ve been trying to catch that livery all year and I just happened to see it that day!

Cool pictures! When we get their A319 here that’s what we get the most often

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Why is the cowling white?


Lol, yea, that’s weird.


I just noticed that too. I’m not sure why.


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