Spotting Schnitzel One // Morning Spotting @KGRR

Wow…just wow…I still can’t believe this happened. Germany’s foreign affairs minister visited Michigan today to tour “Michigan locations”, it was SO AWESOME! I also got to meet other GRR spotters today, which was super awesome! ALSO, I caught some other morning flights!

FedEx Feeder C208 heading up to Traverse City, Michigan! Flight was delayed about an hour, I actually saw a couple of these while I was there too!

I’m not sure what kind of plane this is, but this guy is heading out to an undisclosed location :eyes:

Beeg looooong boi 737-900ER from United headed over to @KTJ_Mitchell land, or Chicago/ORD, @Rolls is there too!

Ye ole Delta A320 headed up to Dumpster Fire, Minnesota

The leprechaun airplane :four_leaf_clover:

Swayne’s plane headed to @KTJ_Mitchell land, as stated above, @Rolls is there too!!!

Now…the catch of the day…DER SCHNITZEL slowing down with the Minister of Foreign Affairs on board from Berlin Brandenburg, in Berlin, Germany!!!

Thanks y’all, I’ll do an A350 topic only later tonight!

~Me, Devin/IF_KGRR


ah yes Cessna 108

Other than that lovely photos of… flying machines?

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Try editing your photos, they’ll pop much better :heart:

They’re good anyway!

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I did :rofl:

208, I meant 208

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Rotate them and add exposure, and also add white vignette. Pops more!

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There u go!


Almost every Avgeek ever


Beautiful! JP worthy, send it right now!

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Nice shots !
I really loved the A359 one !

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Thank you @anon71998643!

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