Spotting from KORD Part 2!

Well, Hello there!

You know what is the good thing about going to one of the busiest and largest airports in the world? One day of pics can last you a looonnnnggg time…this will be a classic example of that. Taken on the same date as my last topic, if you have not checked that out please do!

Part 1

Anyway, lets get started!

United flagship coming in on a flight from Tokyo rocking the new livery!

Sticking with United, here is an E175 coming from Louisville!

Blasting off from 22L for Guadalajara, Mexico we got this Volaris A319!

This post was sponsored by United…or so it seems. Anyway, here is a United 737-900ER coming in from the land of @anon94363592!

Climbing High we got this Frontier A320-NEO off to Phoenix!

In this colorful image we got a Spirit A320-NEO, a TAP Portugal A330-NEO, a Lufthansa A340-300, a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER, and a Qatar 777-300ER!

After that we got this Big American 777-200ER coming from Dallas!

From Brussels, we got a United 787-8! If you have tracked the news, you might be able to figure out what is onboard this aircraft…something very special!

From Los Angeles, we have a flying pencil!

Well, we got to the end of this spotting topic, perhaps you are hungry? Don’t worry, as we have a Banana Bus coming from Las Vegas!

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That is all, I hope you enjoyed!


Its amazing, beautiful and magnificent

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

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I saw her fly over!

Lovely photos!


I love when two people from two completely different places spot something in common, so interesting to think it was there an hour or so ago, and now here it is. Anyway, thanks and also glad you enjoyed!

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wow beauties

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Thank you!

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Yeah, got a few pics of them

Yeah there are a few. Nice pics though

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Your skill is definitely improving. Awesome photos!

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Thanks! I agree, no matter who you are, experience always help make a better picture!

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Anyways. Great Photos!

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Mmmmm, love the new livery. So beautiful!


Definitely, looks lovely!