Spotting at KORD!

Hi there WFC!

The other day I went spotting at KORD, have not been in a while so I was happy to be able to finally get back out there! I spent nearly the entire day up there and I caught a good amount of aircraft! I have already created a topic on the IFC from some of the planes spotted then, I will include a few of those in this one, so without further ado lets get into it!

First up, from Hong Kong we got a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER!

Next up, from the distant land some call “Indiana” specifically Fort Wayne, we have this American Eagle E-145!

Switching to Takeoff’s now, we have an Atlas Air 747-8 operating for Qantas Freight taking off for Los Angeles!

Another takeoff, we have an American 777-200ER blasting off for Honolulu!

Switching over to landings, also one from the IFC, we have this KLM 787-10 on final after a flight from Amsterdam!

Next up, from the country of Germany, we have this Lufthansa A350-900 coming in from Frankfurt!

Now, for an Airline that calls Chicago its home, on final from London we have this United 777-200!

Another one from the IFC, along with a different angle, we have this Emirates 777-300ER crossing over the ILS System for 28C from Dubai!

Switching over to another Takeoff, we have this United Express CRJ-550 departing for Indianapolis!

Finally, on my way out I was able to catch this TAP Portugal A330-900 getting ready for a flight towards Lisbon!

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Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed!


Ohh myy godd, those pictures are so good. Unfortunately i can’t spot any planes in Fiji :roll_eyes:


Great pix

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I’ll get the Qantas and ANZ for you next time :wink:

Thank you!

It would be nice but Qantas and ANZ doesn’t fly to KORD.

Actually, ANZ flies to Auckland (their longest flight) and Qantas will launch to Brisbane in either Spring or Summer next year (will be the 4th longest flight in the world!)

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You do realize that you are talking from your area and what you say is wrong. It will be “ANZ flies to KORD”(ANZ has their hub is Auckland so they of course fly their) and Qantas will launch a route FROM Brisbane TO KORD

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Okay Mr. details :roll_eyes:

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As Jisoo once said;

“Your English is a pity”
- Kim Jisoo

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Those are some great pictures.

And I will say, the only reason that I slightly dislike ORD, has nothing to do with the layout or trying to catch a connection, it is simply because they have managed to become a very connected international airport.

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Is it illegal?

No :rofl:, due to COVID we don’t get the usual big planes here anymore. Just B737 and ATRs

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Better than nothing. Currently nearest Airport where I am Is SDF. Awesome spotting but I won’t be able to spot :sob:.

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Oh bad

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Cool shots! I love the ERJ-145, best regional jet out there

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nah, gotta go with the E175…E145 close second though

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The 175 is a great one as well. I flew with Alaska on one just two days ago. However, if you can get one of the A seats on a 145 it’s a lot of fun, and much more private than any other plane

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true, but both are great!

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That B77W Emirates :star_struck:

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