Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay

Show off your Spotify wrapped and Apple Music replay here. I bet you can all guess mine, but since I have Apple Music replay, it’s not final because Apple Music stops recording on the last Sunday of the year and updates weekly so I guess we will see

In the meantime here’s what I have so far for albums.

They also give you more info but that stuff s going to change a lot in the month

isnt there already a topic for music

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it has been like this for 2 hours

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This is just for Spotify wrapped and Apple Music replay, and the mods approved it’s so I guess it’s fine

Damn, pretty sure that’s just ur WiFi or phone cause I’m seeing everyone else’s in the internet

it’s german internet. what do you expect

Why is the image like that lol

Mines the best


i uploaded mine to youtube

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I have Apple Music and they keep counting until the last Sunday of the year and then it’s final, but I can check it anytime, but things will change

I’m clearly a Twenty One Pilots Stan :sleeping:


long screenshot

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That’s nice

How did you get it to be like that lmao

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