Spirit Announces Another SNA Route

Spirit Announces SNA - SMF

A few months after Spirit Airlines was able to gain slots at John Wayne Airport, they have announced a 4th route. The airline started operating with fights to Oakland and Las Vegas, later adding Phoenix, and most recently Sacramento. The service is set to start on March 1st of 2021.

With a new ULCC at the airport, Spirit has gone after routes at SNA that Southwest already operates. Depending on the day Spirit can be quite costly compared to Southwest, but Spirit may lead to fewer flights on the 4 routes for Southwest if they feel it is necessary with the slow traffic due to COVID-19.

Article (with very little info given without a subscription :unamused:):



Banana Bus!


Ah yes, a man of culture right here

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They haven’t flown the A321 in yet :joy:

If spirit is as costly as SWA. Why would anyone ever fly them?

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Some flights are expensive depending on the day

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