Southwest Airlines Launches New Hawaii Route To California

Southwest Launches San Diego To Honolulu

Today, the largest domestic airline in the United States, Southwest Airlines launched a new route from a Southern California city, San Diego to Honolulu, the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Launching new routes has actually become somewhat of a common occurrence for low-cost airlines during the pandemic, as they try to attract more leisure travelers at lower prices. We’ve seen JetBlue and Alaska Airlines follow this as well. United Airlines also announce plenty of new routes which will be starting soon. Some pictures of the San Diego Flight can be seen below!


Great news!

Which plane will Southwest use? A220?

Southwest doesn’t even have A220s. They’ll use a 737-800, as usual on all of their Hawaii routes.

Until the 737 max is back

I don’t believe the A220 has ETOPS certification, unlike the 737-800ER(WL) used

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